sobota 14. září 2013

Long life of shorts

As I like to mix together not only various styles, colors, patterns but also summer and winter clothes, I've decided to write a post about one of my favorite matching game in Autumn... Shorts. The very typical article of clothes that is associated especially with hot sunny days. But, to be honest, I prefer to wear shorts in Autumn and Winter because it's much more fun and it is quite easy to create a really interesting outfit. 

How to style it? Well, it absolutely depends on you, I think you'll never be wrong. Me personally like to combine shorts and longer jackets, cardigans or coats because the length contrast looks very interesting. A cute styling can be created when matching together an oversized coat and shorts. Of course, because days get colder in autumn season, tights are necessary. And as for shoes, I prefer ankle boots :)

I often mention denim in my posts because denim is classic and for me it's a real must-have. When talking about shorts, I can't forget the denim shorts - you can wear it all the year long in various ways and it can look absolutely fabulous. I love to wear it with leather jackets, chiffon shirt and ankle boots or even oxford shoes accessorized f. e. with a big colorful pashmina or with a hat. Another way I style it is together with long oversized cardigan and some interesting belt.

But shorts are not only denim shorts and we can choose from many materials typical for autumn season - such as tweed. It's warm, so you will feel comfortable even in Winter. 

Tweed shorts are a classic and there are many many ways how to wear it. There are some tips I picked for you just for inspiration.

And some more inspo...

As for materials, the third classic I would like to mention is leather. Leather shorts are great to wear in Autumn and, again, it is pretty easy to style it, to accessorize it and to create a wonderful outfit. You can choose a classic black leather shorts of many cuts...

But very good looking is also brown leather, especially in Fall... 

How about you? Do you wear shorts on colder days? How do you style it? Wishing you a great weekend and a wonderful new week ahead :)

neděle 8. září 2013

On... a plaid

The sunny weekend is finishing and because of it is said that the real autumn weather will come in next days I've decided to buy something new (something autumn) into my wardrobe... And I found a really nice shirt... better to say... a plaid shirt. Well, I've always found the plaid clothes typical for the autumn season (don't ask me why) but I haven't worn them very often because I was not very sure about how to style them and how to accessorize them to look good. 

This time I changed my mind and I bought that shirt, so I would like to share with you the ways how I prefer to style the plaids. I think, it's quite easy if you want to create a really comfy and casual outfit - the plaids, in general, look great together with denim. It's a classic combination, so typical for the grunge look. If it's not too cold outside, it looks perfect with denim shorts...

But the very classic is plaid shirt and jeans. To make a casual, comfy, simple look, you don't need to make a great effort but I was wondering how to include a bit more of elegance or femininity into such a classic combination. And that is why I like to match various styles together. My favorite combination is a plaid shirt, jeans, pumps and a blazer (or even a trench), accessorized with a massive necklace, a scarf, a couple of interesting bracelets or earrings. As for the jeans, in such a combination I prefer skinnies or boyfriend cut. 

However, a plaid shirt can be matched not only with jeans but it can look fabulous also together with a pair of pants of various colors and materials.

As I, in general, love the skirts, I tried to find the way to style them with a plaid shirt. It is quite easy as well, the shirt works perfect with a skirt :)

With denim again...

Or with leather...

Or you can put on even a plaid skirt...

Autumn season goes hand in hand with various kinds of jackets and blazers, so if you are into plaids, why not to put on a plaid jacket?

So... how do you prefer to wear the plaids? Do you like them? Wishing you a great new week!

úterý 3. září 2013

Count to three and... jump!

August is gone but Summer is not giving up, so I try to enjoy the sunny days as much as possible... I feel Autumn in the air, morning are getting colder and colder and shops are full of warm clothes and new trends. But days are still full of sun and that is why I'd like to talk about one of my very favorite article of clothes that I love to wear especially in Summer... Jumpsuits. Some people love them, some people hate them. I belong to the first group.

There are plenty of kinds of jumpsuits, they can be comfy and simple, they can be elegant, they can be sporty, they can make your look extremely original and that is why I really adore them. 

Well, at first I would like to mention short jumpsuits, as I'm talking about hot Summer days. They are very comfortable and easy to accessorize. You can choose from a huge variety of colors and materials, as well. A really cute are light colors in natural tones like cream, white, nude, powder contrasting with tanned skin. 

Very popular are also denim short jumpsuits which are easy to be matched with various colors and styles. You can creaty an absolutely original look, just to accessorize it. A nice, casual outfit can consist of a denim jumpsuit, plain white shirt - you are free to accessorize it in as creative way as you want. 

However, not only casual, comfy outfits can be created with short jumpsuits. 

The second group consists of long jumpsuits which I really adore because I find them very easy to wear and I can't forget to mention that they can be pretty elegant. My most favorite one is black, long, of simple cut. I love to accessorize it with some gold details, such as belts, bracelets, headbands, purses, shoes...

Another amazing alternative is cobalt blue... Like the black one, I like the combination together with gold accents but it's not the only way how to style it.

Summer goes along together with flowers and why not put on a floral jumpsuit? 

Another alternative...

And one in more Autumn colors...

What about you? Do you like to wear jumpsuits? Do you have any?