středa 7. srpna 2013

A hot August Wednesday

Well, this is my first post... Saying a big big hello to all of you!
How to begin? I'm Laura, living in the Czech republic and deeply in love with life :) Today I woke up to another hot Summer day and as the temperature rises very high these days I've been searching for some fashion inspiration in my favorite fashion blogs... And then I asked myself why not to create one? So here I am ;) Welcome!

So... what do you like to wear on an ordinary day in hot August? When I was looking for how to dress myself this morning I chose a very simple combination of a classic loose white shirt and jeans shorts. It is a really comfortable way of looking good and feeling good. There are many variants and you can choose many various accessories to make your look absolutely fabulous and absolutely yours. As for me, very often I prefer minimalistic style, don't ask me why.

Some tips...

As you can see there is a classic white shirt... Today I chose a very loose type ideal for a Summer day like this one. Sometimes I like to wear an ordinary men's shirt mixed with some typical women's accessories to make the outfit more interesting or elegant or unique... It can be whatever... A pearl necklace... bracelets... fringe earrings... Another days I prefer slim fitting shirts which are usually very elegant and they look great anytime.

Jeans shorts... Simple, comfortable, easy... There are many types again, when you don't feel to wear really short variation you can pick less extravagant one, it looks perfect.

Brown leather sandals, one of my top choices as for shoes. I really like to wear them and I must say I feel very good when wearing them :) I picked a brown leather purse as well.

So, what you wear today? :)

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