čtvrtek 29. srpna 2013

My midi-challenge

If there was something I was not much into in fashion trends, it was a midi skirt. Not because I didn't like it but just because I had no idea how to style it to look good. But more women in midi skirts I saw more I wondered if I could be able to find the clue how to wear them as well. And then I bought my first midi skirt... and I said to myself: It's a challenge. And it is said that the key to life is accepting challenges - once someone stops doing this, he's dead. :)

Well, now I can admit that I love wearing the mid skirts. They're pretty feminine, can be extremely original and can look just gorgeous if you find the way how to feel good while wearing them. And this is the most important thing - one must feel good while wearing them. 

And now some of examples how I like to style them. First of all, there is a huge variety of midi skirts. Pleated, tube... If I want to add a bit of elegance into my everydays' look, I prefer to wear a tube midi skirt. It's up to you if you choose a plain black one which is very easy to accessorize and it can look absolutely great or if you grab something more colorful. 

Tube classic?

A plain tube black mid skirt is a must-have for me. No matter if it's Summer or Winter, it can be worn in every season. It's extremely easy to accessorize, it can look sophisticated or even sexy, if you would like to. One thing I never forget when when wearing this piece - heels. To be honest, I never wear it without high heels shoes. 

The great way to style it is matching it together with oversized tee, shirt or with a chiffon blouse. I like to combine it with various belts and in Winter with some interesting tights. 

Flowing passion

And now... my favorite one. The chiffon midi. The first time I saw it I just said - no, that's not for me. But, as you can see, I changed my mind and it's became one of my favorite pieces to wear. I just love the way it flows... it makes me dream about a hot windy day by the sea. And that is why I love to wear it especially on late Autumn days - it just reminds me of Summer.

Or with more color contrast...

If there is the way how to style chiffon midi which I adore - it is the combination together with a leather jacket. The contrast of these two pieces looks great.

There are many color matches which could look fabulous...

And what about you? Do you like mid skirts? :)

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  1. i love midi skirts!! the chiffon ones are so feminine and pretty!!

  2. I love all this skirts

  3. Love midi skirts, especially the nude and white ones! great looks!


  4. Nice selection!


  5. Bellissime queste foto e questi look

  6. Buena selección!!