pátek 9. srpna 2013

Go long... Go maxi-summer!

It's a Friday evening here, it has been a long day and I just arrived home from work, now relaxing and enjoying a thunderstorm, finally the air seems to be a little bit fresher...
In my last post I wrote about a comfy outfit for Summer days and today I would like to continue. Well, sun, the sky is blue... it's time for maxi dresses! Do you like wearing them? Me, I love them. There is almost nothing more comfortable, good-looking and variable like maxi dresses. And I think every woman can choose the one that suits her perfectly. There are plenty of combinations, they can be sporty, romantic, elegant, casual, stylish... and fabulous :) 

I've just made a couple of tips how to wear them. When I'm talking about Summer, I usually imagine the sea, sun and... flowers. So why not let the flowers join the maxi dress... Floral patterns. Typical, it can cheer you up and brighten your day. There are many maxi dresses with floral patterns, you can choose from a huge variety. This time I picked up a light-coloured dress which I fell in love. There are some green accents which look really great. 

The second may look a little bit less cheerful and bright and someone could say that a black is not a typical summer color, however, black is always the number one color for me and I think you can wear it whenever you like, the important thing is to pick the right material and accessories. Black is simple, elegant, sexy. 

And the other tips? Well, take a look, is there anything more characteristic for Summer than the maxi dresses? 

I just love them!

So many variations! In case you would like to feel really comfortable, you can make an outfit more sporty... I chose this stripped maxi dress with sneakers, take a look...

So, enjoy the Summer ;)

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