středa 21. srpna 2013

Let's BEige

My today's post is going to be about beige pants... A couple months ago I decided to buy a pair of beige pants and I must say that it was a really good decision :) Maybe they do not seem to be interesting or stylish but they are. With beige pants you can get an incredibly sophisticated look. You can style yourself in natural neutral tones and choose some remarkable accessories or you can use the combination of neutral beige pants with a top in bright colors. It depends only on your own imagination and invention because such a pair of pants allows you to be as creative as you want. 

To create an interesting everydays' outfit I usually combine the pants with a shirt or a tee in white, cream, powder or light brown color and a jacket in dark colors. I prefer to wear some accessories with golden accents because I like how it looks together with natural tones. 

Instead of a classic jacket you can wear a leather jacket which looks amazing in such a combination or you can take a cardigan, me personally, love this variation. To make an extra natural look it's nice to wear it for example with a wooden necklace and bracelets.

As I've mentioned I like the combination beige & white. A very relaxed looking (with a bit of elegancy as well) can be made up with these pants and a plain white shirt. Don't forget some unique accessories (belts, purses, scarves) with nice details to make the outfit even more fabulous.

Instead of shirt you can wear just a tee... 

Another color alternative is beige & black which looks pretty elegant or even beige & black & red...

And what about you? Do you have your pair of beige pants? ;)

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