sobota 24. srpna 2013

The never ending story of one chameleon

The phenomenal little black dress... It's a classic, it's  timeless and, first of all, it's must-have. Almost every woman has at least one little black dress but I know many of them who wear it only on a special occasion. Isn't it a pity? LBD is like a chameleon and it can be worn in so many various ways that one can't imagine. And that's why the LBD is one of my most favorite pieces in the wardrobe. Today I would like to show you how easy it is to style for your everydays' look not only for special occasions. 

To be honest, I absolutely love LBD together with a leather jacket. However, leather jacket are chameleons as well, so maybe this is the reason why these two pieces match together in such a great way. If you take a typical black leather jacket and LBD you are free to accessorize it in as crazy way as you want. A very interesting combination is a black leather jacket with pearl necklaces. And if you like blood red lipstick you  can't forget of it :) It's up to you. 

Anyway, leather jackets are not just black... amazing one can be also a camel or brown one, me, personally, like the mix of these colors together with black. It looks natural and is easy to accessorize as well.

Another wonderful alternative could be also a green leather jacket...

Not only leather jackets but also cardigans look fabulous together with LBD... To create a perfect everydays' look try to make some combination of these :)

And my last tip for today might seem a little bit crazy but why not?

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  1. cool outfits!
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  2. all these sets are truly great, love them!

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  3. I like 2 and 4

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  4. How many great inspirations for a little black dress!!!
    I love all these sets!!!
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  5. I Love the first and the third set. I follow with Bloglovin if you want to follow me back this is the link

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  6. Great ideas! I love basics than can be paired with many different accessories and obtain different styles :)

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  8. love all the four black dresses!! gorgeous!!

  9. Really nice post! I love this collages :)
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  10. la borsa nel primo look mi piace molto
    Super occhiali Chicnova
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