neděle 11. srpna 2013

Rock-chic or lady-like?

Lace trend... at first I was a little bit sceptic about it because I didn't like lace that much but one day I fell in love with a dark green knee lenght lace dress and since that time I've loved the lace. It surprised me in many ways and if you combine it with some typical accessories you can make as many various outfits as you want and what is the best thing about that - you would never look the same. One day like a princess, another day like a rock star. Yes, lace rocks! 

Today it has been a lazy Sunday, I did a bit of shopping, so I chose a coral lace dress for today. 

As I like the combination of a lace dress and a pearl necklace, I wore this dress with a big pearl necklace and bracelet. So, this is my today's outfit.

Another a little bit lady-like variation to this outfit is a cream lace dress in combination with some accessories in the red accent. Both of these are great for Summer...

The last tip for today is ideal for the not so hot days... It's perfect for Spring or Autumn and I like to wear the lace dresses in this way a lot. Maybe me, personally, prefer this variation. A dark green lace dress with a cream cardigan and brown accessories. I like to wear it with dark stockings and a huge scarf in natural tones.

What about you - do you like the lace trend?

By the way, I hope you will enjoy the new week and keep smiling :)

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  1. Awesome, so thankful to pay attention to that you were came coming back & that you are still going to be online shopping. We shouldn't let 1 bad experience put us off all together :)